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From building a bird house to constructing your dream home, we have what you need. We provide Premium Lumber for Custom Construction.

Douglas Fir

Our Douglas Fir lumber comes from the best producing premium stock. All of our timbers are #1 and free of heart. Primarily used in building and construction purposes due to its strength advantages and availability, this wood is also used in a wide variety of products including framing, roof trusses, flooring, furniture, cabinets and general millwork.


Hem-fir is a combination species including Western Hemlock, California Red fir, Pacific silver fir, Grand fir, Noble fir, and White fir. Hem-fir lumber is fine textured, straight grained, still and easily worked. It is particularly distinguished by its strength, freedom from splintering. This wood is an excellent combination of strength and beauty. The timber is bright in color, varying from creamy, to nearly white. Ideal for use in wood frame construction and flooring, Hem-fir is second to only Douglas fir in it availability.


A sound environmental choice, redwood is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. Durable and disease resistant, the sustainability of Redwood can be seen in beautiful decks, fences, gazebos, trellises, and more.


Cedar is a relatively soft and lightweight wood readily available to builders. It is used in many applications from interior trim to outdoor furniture, decks and specialized structures such as trellises and gazebos. Cedar fibers contain oils that are natural preservatives making it resistant to rot and decay. Excellent for split rail fencing. Also known for its aromatic quality, Cedar is the perfect choice to line any custom closet.


A very strong, affordable and easy to work with wood. The open grain gives better grip for adhesives and will readily absorb preservatives, stains and paints. A very strong soft wood, Pine tends to scratch and dent easily. Pine is generally used in shelving and furniture making, although it is also used in flooring. This wood is used for pattern stock such as T&G and shiplap.


Alder wood exhibits a straight grain and fine texture known for ease in staining. Alder often is orange, brown or reddish in hue. Alder is softer than staple hardwoods such as oak, maple and cherry and will dent easily. This wood is used in making furniture, cabinets, doors, casing and other wood working products.


Maple woods smooth texture and color variations are just some of the reasons carpenters use it to create beautiful furniture, cabinets and flooring. Maple is a hard and sturdy wood with a fine texture. Maple is so hard and resistant to shocks that it is often used for bowling alley floors.


Poplar is a species of wood that is commonly used in woodworking. With its medium to fine texture and straight grain, popular is easy to machine, plane, turn, glue and bore. This wood holds paint, enamel and stain exceptionally well. A medium density wood with low bending, shock resistance, stiffness and compression values, poplar has excellent strength and stability.


Spruce wood is used for many purposes ranging from general construction and construction of crates up to wooden aircraft and musical instruments. Since Spruce wood has no insect or decay resistance qualities after logging, it is generally recommended for construction purposes as indoor use only. 


Juniper  is a drought-tolerant tree native to central Texas and northeastern Mexico. The wood is naturally rot resistant and provides raw material for fence posts. The wood is slightly denser than ponderosa pine and varies in color from milky white to deep reddish-brown with swirling grain patterns.


What natural building material is highly durable, resists flames and doesn’t float? Its ipe wood. Also called Brazilian walnut, ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is typically found in South and Central America. It is one of the densest hardwoods available, three times harder than cedar. Like redwood, it has natural oil that keeps bugs out, it’s resistant to mildew and decay making it ideal for outdoor applications, such as decking, patio furniture and planter boxes.

Pressure Treated

Pressure treating lumber extends the life of the wood by generally increasing the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungus. Lumber may be pressure treated with many different preservatives. We carry ACQ treated lumber. Alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) is a preservative made of copper, a fungicide and a quaternary ammonium compound, an insecticide. Due to its high levels of copper, use double galvanized or stainless steel fasteners in ACQ treated lumber.


The I-Joist manufacturing process combines laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or finger-jointed sawn wood flanges with a web of oriented strand board (OSB) to produce an I-shaped structural member. Straighter and more uniform in strength, its stiffness and size provide a strong sturdy floor with a greater load bearing capacity that can span farther.


A microlam, sometimes called a lam beam or laminated veneer lumber (LVL), is a type of engineered timber. Lam beams are used where a great amount of strength is needed, including carrying beams, joists and headers. Like plywood, thin sheets of wood are glued together to create beams. Each layer is glued such that the direction of the grains alternates, providing strength in each direction. It generally has a smooth face with identifiable straight layers running in parallel.


Parallam is the brand name for a structural composite lumber (SCL) product. The generic name for the product is parallel stand lumber (PSL). Parallam is made from clipped veneer strands laid in parallel alignment and bonded with adhesive. It is used for beams, headers, columns, and posts, among other uses. The beams are continuously formed, so the length of the beam is only limited to the maximum length that can be handled and transported.

Railroad Ties

Rectangular timbers that measure about 6’x8’x8’. As the name implies, these huge wood pieces are used in the construction of railroad tracks. Railroad ties are part of the base underneath the track. Ties are relatively an inexpensive choice for building retaining walls, and general landscaping. Our ties are made from softwood making them easier to handle. They have been salvaged from abandoned tracks. We only buy the highest quality tie available.


Triple coated protection with class “A” fire retardant primer and utilizes clear finger-joined redwood as a natural class “B” substrate, fireblok wood is naturally decay and pest resistant made with 100% redwood. Fireblok lumber is WUI qualified for+ redwood patterns. It is a “green product” created from recycled materials to impact overall LEED points.


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